DATE: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 03:16:02
From: Brooke Chappell

Hi Rachel.

New job? When did this transpire?

So Kate finally called me back and it's all fine to stay with her. (Remind me to actually write down the directions to her place. I've only been there, like, twenty times in the last couple years. And I've gotten lost getting there about eighteen of those times. What can I say: it's a talent.) She's got a fold out bed on her couch...and, she says enigmatically in the phone message, she may even have a new couch. Okay, so that wasn't exactly enigmatic. I think it's the may that's confusing me.

Anyway, I wheedled my manager into giving me Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Thursday I get off work at 7pm, so I could definitely get to Dana Point before too terribly late if I leave directly. (Wow, three adverbs in one sentence. In one clause, yet. Wait--is that what a clause is? Why did I have to learn all my grammar from Mad Libs?) Are we going to be using just one car? If so, which? I don't really care, I just want to have things straight in my mind.

Which may take some doing, what with you throwing out lines like "to schedule an interview with Neil" without warning. Holy flaming cow! What ho! Are such things possible? Have I said recently how much I love you?

Neil makes frequent references to his "wonderful assistant"...and now I can't think of her name. Something like Eileen, I seem to recall. Anyway it should be there in the blog, with a click-on link thingie...having never clicked it, I'm not sure whether it connects to her email or just, like, "this is who Eileen is" info...if she's named Eileen, I mean. Hm. All of this seems singularly unhelpful, doesn't it?

I'm just so damn excited.


Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 14:34:10 -0400
From: "Rachel"
Subject: Re: Comic con
To: "Brooke Chappell"


        1. New Job: It all did happen pretty quickly. I wanted to walk out on my old job telling-off my boss on the way), but then thot of Mr. Car and realized that I couldn't abandon him to repo-hell. Therefore, I sent an e-mail to my lovely Aunt Michelle (my very fave of Aunts [but don't let the other ones know!]), and told her how unhappy I was with my then current job. She did a lil search of her company's job listings, e-mailed my resume to someone who was hiring, and got an interview scheduled. About a month later, I started working for her company: Beech Street, which is where I worked doing data entry for two summers while attending UCI. I'm just an admin assist, but the pay's the same, I get 40 hrs/wk and I'm much happier with my co-workers and bosses. Generally doubleplusgood.

       2. Cousin Kate: Yeah. I just wanted to confirm. Reminder to Brooke: write down the directions to Kate's and put them in your purse Right Now.

       3. Comic Con: I was planning to take Mr. Car, as he's so nice and air-conditioned and whatnot. We HavE to leave early, though as Neil's first engagement on Fri starts at 12:30pm, there's going to be a line, and we of course don't want to miss any of it. You can sleep in the car, he's comfy.
The reason I'd thrown out the bit about interviewing Neil Gaiman was partly to make your day, but mostly to try to get you to do the e-legwork to find contact info. I'm selfish. But thanks for mentioning his personal assistant, cuz I hadn't thot about contacting her. I did find an address for Neil's assistant, Lorraine, (the blog link directs one to her band's site, which has a great big link to her addy) and have just e-mailed her asking about an interview. Y'know, I'm the Program Director at the station now, which looks really big and professional. v v good. Also, at the con, you are my assistant/intern. (I'm making you a business card.) That way, you don't have to pay. You get to carry the camera; I get to carry the minidisc recorder.

       Mom says she's gonna try to get me an interview with Kevin Smith. I dunno if that'll actually pan out, but it'd be fun (try to think of some questions for both guys, btw). And all of this gave me the idea to try to interview Mark Hamill 'again'. [Reminder to self: e-mail Scott Zakarin!] Should be fun. Y'know, the only thing that kept Jessica and me from interviewing Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo, Rugrats...) was that he had far too many other things on his tight schedule. Quite a loss, though.

       And please remember to dress comfy for the con. As faboo as you look in white high heel sandals, we will be on our feet (and then our bums) for quite a long time throughout the weekend. Sort of like something you might wear to work. I'm not sure how you dress for work, but I doubt those cute high heels come into play. Also, just my thing, I try not to wear the 'jeans & t-shirt' look. You know how I am about looking different, and EVERYBODY at the con wears 'jeans & t-shirt', quite possibly including Neil Gaiman, who I'm sure always fits in with geeks everywhere. I usually wear something a lil nice, like a sun dress or my silly 'French cartoon' outfit (the stripey boatneck 3/4 sleeve tee and red scarf), which seemed to get me a lot of attn last year. But always with fairly comfy shoes. Wear Comfy Shoes!
Did I mention you need to pack comfortable footwear?
I told you about the guys stuck in white plastic Stormtrooper uniforms last year who couldn't even sit down on the shuttle, right?

wow, this is long. But cheaper than long-distance phone bills. I've bought more of Plum Wodehouse's books, I'm sure you'll like to hear, and I plan to get Jarret (the talk show director at KUCI) to start reading 'im.

ok, stopping now. bye!

: )

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 01:10:34 -0700
From: Brooke Chappell
Subject: Aunt calls to aunt like mastodons...

Hi Rachel.

1.   Great. I'm glad you're in a better situation--I know you were unhappy at the old job. And incidently, nice use of "doubleplusgood" there--I hadn't thought of mining 1984 for slang terms, but you've won me over. I've been doing a lot of Wodehouse...your aunt Michelle can be your "good and deserving Aunt", unlike your Aunt Agatha, who has been known to devour her young and bay at the full moon.

2.   Hm. But then the question becomes, which purse am I taking..? Just kidding. Got it covered. And if, for some reason, something goes wrong, I now have a handy-dandy new cell phone with lots of minutes on it that could be used for calling Kate and saying, "Wait, so if I'm at the Tijuana border I've gone too far, right?"

I'd give you the number to the cell, but I seem to have temporarily misplaced the piece of paper I wrote it down on. Get back to you on that.

3.   Lorraine. Right. That's right. "Like the quiche."

I'd love to have my own card, but I do feel a qualm rising from deep don't actually expect me to take pictures, do you? I mean, like, good ones? Because I can just about manage not to cut people's heads off or put my thumb over the lens, but that's all I can promise.

What's your mom's connection to Kevin Smith? And, in the event it pans out, will you be able to prevent your brother from killing me in jealousy?

The thing about shoes had, in fact, occurred to me. (Aside from general issues of common sense, the other week I had the unusual experience of walking up and down the Las Vegas strip barefoot, because the only shoes I had were high-heeled sandals I'd been wearing since 6 am that morning. But I did get to see a tiger, so otherwise it was An Day Well Spent. Such are my standards of diurnal excellence.) Actually I've already kind of figured out what I'll wear--skirts and cute little tops--and figured I'd take my black boots and the flats with the square toes and itty bitty bows. Both of which I've worn to work, where I stand on my feet for an eight-hour stretch. So don't worry, and if I even look like I'm going to complain, hit me with something.

To work I usually wear...well, a t shirt and jeans. The jeans because I have to keep bending over to get bags and pick up books and whatnot, and the t-shirt because it's too darn hot out here to do anything with long sleeves or which requires pressing. This is perhaps a big part of why I've been getting so bimbo-y when I'm around you, recently...if we're seeing each other, we're usually doing something fun and out-of-the-way, and so I like to dress up and feel pretty. Otherwise, to be honest, I dress not that differently from the way I did in high school...though I hope a little better...complete with glasses and librarian bun. So bear with me when I get goofy.

No, you didn't tell me about the Stormtroopers. Sounds like a good one for the car ride.

So what Wodehouse are you reading now?


Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:24:40 -0400
From: "Rachel"
Subject: Re: Aunts aren't Gentlemen
To: "Brooke Chappell"


       first, I said you get to 'hold' the camera. If you have major photographic issues, you don't have to actually use it. Frankly, I'm not wild about getting my photo taken with celebrities (mostly due to the fact that I don't like getting my photo taken under any circs), but they seem to expect it, and I hate to let them down. If all else fails, we can say that we BoTH want to be in the pic and therefore need some random person to shot it for us. Deligate!

       No proper connection to Kevin Smith. Mom just thot it'd be fun to try. David has already met Mr. Smith at the 2001 ComicCon, and fed 'freedom' fries to Jason Mewes, so he might not be too upset if it pans out. Or, he'll just tag along as "Assistant #2". He seemed more whacked out about getting Jason Lee's autograph last year than about Kevin Smith, but maybe that's cuz by the time Mr. Lee came to ComicCon, David had already met Mr. Smith

       What were you doing in Vegas?
Whenever we have to be there, the one stop we MusT make is to the white tigers. It's always disappointing when they aren't out on display (which sounds bad now), cuz I think they're the highlight of that town. Prob'ly cuz I'm straight edge or something.

       I like dressing up, too. It's fun. I'm planning a whole 'California' thing for one of the days.

       I'm sure I've told you a bit about what happened last year. If I recall correctly, it may have been while we were driving home late at night from somewhere, so sleepiness may have hampered your memory retention.
       David & I were generally hanging around Mark Hamill's production, and at one point even got to attend a "Press Presentation" in one of the production's suites at the Sheraton. We got our picture taken with Mr. Hamill, he called me a 'cutie', and recognized us from the night before because I just tend to draw attn to myself. You Know Me.
       Saturday evening, we were extras again (at the Marriott) in a scene with Andras Jones (singer/songwriter/actor/friend of Andy Dick whose movie we saw after that Janeane Garofalo show). After that, we planned to take a shuttle from the convention center (right next door to the Marriott) to our hotel, where Mr. Car was parked. [Note: Saturday is the night of the masquerade, so there are lots of peeps running round in costumes.] While waiting in line for the shuttle to arrive, three guys dressed in white plastic Stormtrooper outfits got in line behind us. They looked very uncomfortable, and couldn't even sit down once on the shuttle. I quietly whispered to David, "They've been in those uncomfortable costumes all day, and we've been hanging out with Mark Hamill!"
       So we giggled to ourselves the whole way to Mr. Car. David doesn't have quite the disdain for all things 'Star Wars' that I have, but he isn't a huge fanboy about it, either. Lots of fun. : )

       I've just completed "Jeeves & the Tie that Binds," and have jumped right into "The Cat-nappers," which I didn't purchase but found at the local library.

       Btw, I've seen the Legally Blonde sequel and that 'Alex & Emma' Kate Hudson/Owen Wilson/Rob Reiner film. I enjoyed LB2 very much, and A&E [ ; ) ] wasn't bad, either. Typical romantic comedy, only with a bit more 'guy humor' than most. A little old couple left when Owen Wilson said, "balls". Course, that was about the worst of it, aside from the Cuban Mafia and a very silly sex scene. But you know how old people in Newport Beach can be...

Lots of Love,
: )

Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:43:34 -0700
From: Brooke Chappell
Subject: Re: Aunts aren't Gentlemen

Hi Rachel.

I'm going to try to make this a short one...but I had to write back.

The photo thing sounds like a plan. I'm not so big on the pic taking with celebrities either, but I suppose it does mean that you get to stand *right next to them* which in some cases would be pretty cool.

A California thing?

You have told me, multiple times, stories about the previous Comic Con. Especially the "SpongeBob is my favorite show!" horror and "Mark Hamill called me a cutie!" You just left out the Stormtroopers. But now I know.

I was in Vegas because my dad recently bought a house out there (why? you ask. what prompted this? And darned if I can tell you) he's planning to fix up over the next couple years and then resell. This was the first opportunity of a couple days off I had to go out and see it. I'd never been to Vegas before, so we went to a buffet and watched the water fountain show-thing at the Bellagio and stuck one (1) quarter in a slot machine. And then--it was about seven thirty by this time--Dad mentioned that there were white tigers to be seen. So, despite the fact that he wasn't exactly sure where they were to be seen, and that my feet were about ready to fall off, I took off my sandals and looked out for broken glass, and we walked halfway down the Strip.

I've just been rereading "The Code of the Woosters" and am planning, tomorrow, to buy "The Adventures of Sally" which, I discovered, has been hiding in the impossible-to-find humor section of Borders. Why they don't have Wodehouse over in Fiction and Literature is beyond me...I mean, they've got Danielle Steel there, for crying out loud. Hm. Maybe Plum's in better company over with Calvin and Hobbes...

Last night I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean", which I highly recommend. Everything you could possibly want in a pirate flick...but yet it doesn't seem forced. Plus Johnny Depp with black eyeliner and a weird accent is, of course, reason enough to see any movie. He's just so darn good...sigh. I wanna see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, since I just recently read the graphic novel. Looks like they've changed a few things though...I get why you'd give Sean Connery's character a more leading role. I mean, he's Sean Connery. But it was kind of cool that Mina Murray was the leader...and they're being a lot more up front about who and what she is. Hmm. The thing I really don't get, though, is why they changed the Invisible Man's name. What the heck is the point of that? Of course, it now occurs to me that you may not have the faintest idea what I'm talking about.

Oh well.

Wasn't it Luke Wilson in Alex and Emma? I haven't seen it, but I saw trailers...isn't Owen the blonde?


Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 18:09:39 -0400
From: "Rachel"
Subject: Italian Gigolo
To: "Brooke Chappell"


       do NOT see 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'! STOP Especially since you seem to have enjoyed the graphic novel STOP All the buzz on it is extremely negative STOP Remember 'The Avengers'? STOP

       I'm so very glad you just wrote to me. I had something to tell you, and of course the untyped rules of e-etiquite (!) state that it is untoward to send an e-mail to someone before they've replied.
so: Last night, my Mom allowed me to watch the 'Superheroes Unmasked' special on the History Channel (I'd only caught the 2nd hour of it last weekend, and David had the living room tv for wrestling last night). She started watching it with me, but then went off to do her own thing. I went to bed at 9p (I need to be at work at 7:30a, so I have an early bedtime now), but didn't change the channel.
Then I guess my parents watched a bit of it after I'd gone to bed and happened to catch a clip of Neil Gaiman. As soon as his name appeared on the bottom of the screen, Mom recognized him from all of my 'Today, on Neil Gaiman's blog, he said...' speeches. She did her lil faux-scream and said something along the lines of "She can't meet him! He looks like an Italian gigolo! I don't want him hitting on her!" to Dad.
So: ever since she told me this over the phone about 20 minutes ago, I've been walking around the office grinning like a maniac, trying desperately not to burst into laughter, and just HaD to write to you about it!
I, of course, told Mom that he's nothing of the sort (being both British and with a wife & kids). She said it was okay as long as he didn't hit on me. She had no problem with him hitting on you, though. She figures you'd enjoy it more, anyway. But she worries about me because I talk about Neil Gaiman so much. Thinks I'm crushing or something. Just wait till I start reading regularly! He's pretty, and appears at ComicCon regularly.

       You can stop reading this paragraph if I've told you this one before: This incident reminds me of when my family went to see Mr. Show LIVE at UCLA last year. My parents went to use the restrooms before the show started. Mom was waiting outside the restrooms for Dad (there being a preponderance [I think that's the word] of men in the Mr. Show cult). She noticed some guy with long hair, a loud shirt, and old jeans standing in front of her, with his back to her. Everybody leaving the restroom said 'hi' to him as they walked by, or gave him a hi-5 or something (let's just hope they all washed their hands!). Mom figured he was the campus drug dealer, since he dressed like a dirty [my word, not Mom's] hippie and everybody knew him. But when he turned around, Mom realized that it was just Weird Al. I tease her about it whenever possible.
Mommy's funny. : )

       California thing: I recently bought a couple of spiffy-looking sarongs at Marshalls that I like to wear over a tee. Herbert thinks it looks wonderful. [Funny Mommy aside: Herbert was one of my trainees at KUCI, and then became one of my training assistants during the spring quarter. One night after training (last quarter, when I was still the training director) Mom said, "I think Herbert has a crush on you." I told her she was incorrect in her assessment of our relationship. Or something to that effect. Mom wanted to know why and I said, "Well, I'm pretty sure Herbert's gay." Mom wanted to know why I thot so, and I said, "Aside from the fact that he just comes off that way, he told me that his first crush was on Wil Wheaton." That about seals the deal as far as Herbert's perferences are concerned. Mommy's funny!]
I decided to buy a CA state flag [I have no idea what inspired this, so don't ask], since they're about the same size as a sarong. So, that, and this cute lil charm with 2 oranges on it, a plan to make earrings with a bear on one side and a red star on the other. Plus jeans, of course. Oh so v. Cali. Not to be worn on Saturday, tho, as that would lead people to think that I was in a costume. They would be wrong.

       I'd forgotten about your Dad's move. Tell him to take good care of himself. Many people in Vegas are ill. (I work in healthcare now, I know these things.)

       I have bought 'Code of the Woosters,' and a couple of others. I'm just trying to get through the library book before it's due.

       I'm planning to see 'Pirates' tomorrow morning at 10:30 in San Clemente. I don't care what Kenneth Turan of the LA Times has to say. Johnny Depp is ALwayS worth watching!
I haven't read 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,' but I have heard many good things about it. I'm really neurotic about comics right now. Possibly not the best mind-set to inhabit when about to attend comic con, but that's just me. Me's funny!

       And you're right, it IS Luke Wilson in 'Alex & Emma'. I always get their names mixed up. I really had thought that I'd finally gotten the correct name with the correct brother, but I guess I have some more learnin' to do.

       Do you like The White Stripes? I hope so. If you do, please free up Tuesday September 23, 2003. Happy Birthday!
If you don't like 'em, I'll just find something else to get you. No biggie.
[And if you do like 'em and are happily excited right now, I apologize for doing that sort of thing twice via e-mail in a single week. I only just decided to buy the tix this morning, and couldn't wait a whole week to ask you in person. But you know how selfish my gifts can be...You & Jack White & Meg White & whomever's opening for them. I just want it all!]

: )

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 13:41:23 -0700
From: Brooke Chappell
Subject: Re: Italian Gigolo


I stand advised on the League movie. I've been hearing really bad buzz too. And I do, as previously mentioned, have doubts from what I've seen of previews, etc.

The graphic novel was a kick. Partially it was just really, really well drawn (although Dr. Jekyll always looked like he was in intermediate stages of leperousy (sp?)) and partially you just kept saying "I can't believe they just did that. The murders in the Rue Morgue?!" or whatever.

I watched that presentation of the superhero documentary, too. Cheered when Neil came on. He's got one of those lovely supercilious accents...although I can sort of see the Italian gigolo thing. (Now I too will be giggling all day) I can also see his own comment that he'd like to wear pointy elf ears but would look like a dissipated Vulcan. Or words to that effect. He is, however, still welcome to hit on me any darn time he likes.

Of course I like the White Stripes, silly girl. Silly girl who gives the best birthday presents...



Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:11:05 -0400
From: "Rachel"
Subject: Re: Italian Gigolo
To: "Brooke Chappell"


       I was sure to peruse the print ad for LXG (; P), just to have some amunition in case you were still leaning towards seeing that thing. Then I saw that Dorian Gray is a main character in the film, and decided that I HaD to read the comic. (Not that Mr. Gray appears in the comic much, but before that ad, I'd had no idea who was in the League.) The guy at the comic shop where I bought it said that he'd seen LXG and 'had mixed feelings' about it. Further proof.

       Anyhoo, I got to see 'Pirates' on Saturday (with a 'Haunted Mansion' trailer [feat. 'Batman Returns' music by DE] trailer that was pretty fun to watch), and enjoyed it emensely. It's the best movie I've seen this summer, which just reminds me of the depressing quality of today's films. Before the film started, someone behind me said that Mr. Depp based his character on Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones). Knowing this from the get-go, the whole thing was even funnier! It would be nice if Mr. Depp became type-cast as the silly-wacky guy. He probably wouldn't mind.
Also before the film started, I noticed a 4 piece family a couple of rows in front of me. The parents were holding the food. The father held up a box of chocolate-covered cookie dough bits, asking who wanted them. His wife declined, but their younger son grabbed the box. The mom then said, "I want you to eat a lot of popcorn too, to balance out the sugar. That's a whole lot of sugar," as though she were giving sage medical advice! I just had to write it down on my bookmark before the lights when down.
Then, after the movie, a couple of blonde teenage skanks were behind me as I was exiting the theatre. One was complaining that she got bored a bit during the excessively lengthy (my words, not hers) fight scenes. Her friend didn't argue, at which point the boring girl began to complain about Mr. Depp's make up! What is with kids these days?!? Damn punks!

       The 'League' comic was good. I'd never read Alan Moore before (although I have definitely heard/read many good things about his mad writing skillz). Not really my cup of tea, though. The violence and gore aside, I think it may have helped had I read every piece of literature referenced in the comic. I could follow well enough, but only know of such figures as Capt. Nemo by reputation, not reading. Plus, it was kind of a downer that the whole thing was mostly just "Justice League of Britain, 1898". Y'know, basic super team saving the world type of thing. But definitely an interesting idea.

       And while I was at the comic shop anyway, I picked up the first 'Sandman' omnibus. I've always loved Sam Keith's artwork. The whole series isn't the title character running off on adventures all the time, though, is it? That would get a bit tiresome. I haven't finished reading the whole thing yet. I've gotten up to the bit where he got his helm from hell...

       More about Cousin Kate: I feel obliged to repay her hospitality. I was thinking of something along the lines of flowers or dinner one night or something of that sort. What do you think she'd prefer? Any particular plant/wine/restuarant you can think of?

       If I don't hear back from Lorraine (like the quiche) by lunch, I'm going to contact the Comic Con people to see if they can help with scheduling an interview with Mr. Gaiman. Mom was able to get in touch with the PR lady for Mark Hamill's movie, though, and she should be contacting me today, so we should definitely get some interviewing done.

       And I was able to put together the cutest earrings for my CA outfit. They're a little brass bear (looking almost exacting like the flag's bear) in front of a red sequin star. It's quite striking. Even Mom liked it, and she thinks the whole CA outfit idea is completely nuts. I could make you a pair, if you like them. I bought too much of the supplies, just in case something went wrong or v v right.

hmmm, I think that's all for now. No more concert ticket or fun interview possibilities currently. yes.

: )