February 5, 2003
      A man walks into a bar. He smiles at each person he passes. Settling onto the third stool down, the man watches the bartender

August 5, 2003
      My job as an administrative assistant makes me feel like a worthless human being. I get the feeling that I could never initiate anything on my own or move beyond this little gray cube of random tasks. I'm not bad at being an administrative assistant, but after doing it for a while, I feel as though this is all I'm capable of doing. Perhaps it's the belittling assignments and comments. I just have a hard time imagining ever accomplishing anything on my own. Am I even capable of making or doing anything that hasn't been directly assigned to me by some lazy co-worker who can't even find an envelope or fax two pages on their own?
Now I just feel unhappy, having put it into black and white electronic words. ~sigh~